Positive Word For The Day

When I read my devotional last night, the verse covered really touched me. Just thought I’d share it.
Micah 7:8 “Thought I have fallen, I will rise.”


Well, today is the second day I have

Well, today is the second day I have actually been working toward my weightloss goal. I hope to take this summer break to really make some progress and change my health for the better. After my doctor told me unless I lost “100 pounds” I would be on blood pressure medicine for the rest of my life, I kind of finally woke up. Now, I pretty sure the 100 lbs was an exaggeration seeing as I am 5’7 and 200 lbs (I don’t think weighing in at 100 pounds is exactly feasible for me). At 19 years old, I shouldn’t have to be having this conversation with my doctor. I already had my thyroid removed due to hyperthyroidism, so there’s one pill I’ll have to take for the rest of my life, I don’t need to add any others. Anyway, that’s enough of my sob story. I’ll get back to posititve stuff like me actually working out for the last two days.

Yesterday, I did a shoulders and arms workout. I guess I need to add more reps next time I do it because I don’t feel as sore as I thought I would today, though I didn’t feel this way when I was actually doing it. Today, I did a leg workout. Besides wanting to die halfway through, I think I could have done more. I guess I’ll see how I feel tomorrow. 🙂 Now, cardio which is pretty much a staple for weightloss is my archnemesis. I HATE it. But, outside our apartment is a very nice walking trail, so my sister and I are going to start walking every afternoon. I hope that will do for a while. I actually was doing a walk/run plan on the treadmill before I moved out of my mom’s and I suprisingly enjoyed running, for the small time segments I could do it before taking a walk break. So, I’m hoping that by the time I don’t jiggle as much I’ll start back on that plan. I’m dreading the first day of it though because I know it will be much harder running outside than it was on the treadmill. But hey, wish me luck!